South Africa is a land of many, varied splendours. From the internationally renowned Cape Town and Kruger Park to the arid Northern Cape Kalahari, we truly are, geographically, a world in one country. But we are about far more than the sum of our physical attributes. We are a melting pot of diverse cultures - from the original Khoikhoi tenants, and contributed to by the Potuguese, Dutch, Nguni, Sotho, French, German, Dutch, Arabic and English settlers who graced these shores. And what about our greatest asset - the beautiful resiliant people who truly make us great? Ask any vistor to South Africa what stood out, and they will tell you "it was the people". 


 We are a participative destination - anyone travelling within our borders has the opportunity to immerse themselves in our magnificent natural wonders, diverse cultural heritage and rich history. Wherever you happen to be, just scratch beneath the surface and you will uncover a hidden secret - or a story just waiting to be told.

 Problem is - only a fraction of this potential is visible to the domestic or international traveller.


As with most developing economies, tourism has a massive role to play in South Africa in terms of solving the co-dependent challenges of job creation and SMME development - as well as sector transformation. The tourism industry has been earmarked as a critical pillar in this regard as pat of the 2020 New Growth Path, as well as the broader economic development objective. And the South African Domestic Tourism Growth Strategy (2012, National Department of Tourism) has singled out affordable tourism product (read SMME product) as being the critical stimulus for our tourism industry.

So, in summary we can say we have it, and we need it - but it is invisible!


One of the biggest challenges facing any South Africa product owner in the travel industry has been successful access to market. And whilst technology advancement has provided the means to distribute quicker and cheaper, it has also disintermediated the industry to the extent that the target audience is more fragmented – with more customer touchpoints that need to be assessed and addressed, and more channels available to find and consume travel product - from the traditional travel trade to mobile, social media and other electronic delivery platforms.

And if that is not complex enough, any solution also needs to facilitate unique payment options for people who do not have access to technology, credit cards and/or electronic payment means.has to provide unique solutions to drive conversion in a country where there is not only a low incidence of credit card usage, but also internet access/usage.


It is quite evident that the key to success is a diverse inventory management and distribution platform that can meet specific category challenges.And that is where we fit in.

Rooms4u is an industry initiative borne out of a partnership between the National Department of Tourism and the Private Sector. Rooms4u is a multi-discilinary web-based system that has been purpose-built to meet the challenges that tourism SMME's are faced with in South Africa - of which we have identified a few above. Simply put, Rooms4u will allow ANY product owner in the tourism space to create, manage and distribute inventory. And that is just for starters. CLICK HERE FOR MORE